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SPIDR Datasets

This page is used to select the data categories and sets the user wants investigate in SPIDR.

Usage basics

Data in SPIDR are grouped by categories (Indices, Observatories, Satellites, Images, etc.) and data sets (Geomagnetic indices, Solar indices, etc.). At the page together with the data set name are listed the data coverage (available time interval, number of stations), the data source server (web-service), and links to the data description, FGDC metadata, and FTP directory pages.

To start working with the selected data category and set, the SPIDR user has just to click on the data set name:

The user can visit the page "Data Categories and Sets":

  • from the top menu item "Data Sets" at any moment while using advanced user interface in SPIDR;
  • selecting the "Add more data" or "Use another data set" actions in the "Next action" list at the bottom of the page if available;
  • in case when the system data flow will automatically redirect the user (e.g. the user has selected the data set which for some reason is not available during the user session).

In addition, at the "Data Categories and Sets" page the user can:

  • read the data description using the button "Info" in front of the data set name;
  • read to the FGDC metadata in HTML and XML formats using the button "XML";
  • go to the FTP directory which stores or mirrors source data files and images used to build SPIDR databases.

Filter out not-available data sets

If the user has already selected date interval and time step in SPIDR, then the data sets listed at the page can be filtered according to the data availability for the selected date interval. In that case, at the top of the page a check box will be displayed to turn the data availability filter on and off.

SPIDR Datasets

This page is used to select the data categories and sets the user wants investigate in SPIDR.


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