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This is the SPIDR welcome page, where every user begins.


Several sections have been highlighted and numbered, so as to explain them further.

  1. - This map offers a selection of links to related data resources, each kept up by a NOAA affiliate.
  2. - These paragraphs briefly explain the goals and capabilities of the SPIDR system.
  3. - This section announces new developments and additions to the web page. Note the "All News >>>" link; this will take the user to the News Archives.


Again, we see the SPIDR welcome page, but with different areas emphasized.


The left side of the page is taken up by the Login section, which breaks down as follows:

  1. - "Member login" allows those users that have previously registered with SPIDR to input their username and password, to gain access to the site.
  2. - "Guest login" provides access to the site for users who do not wish to register with SPIDR, though "Guest Users" are unable to download SPIDR data to their computers. Registration is highly recommended.
  3. - "Registration" is where new users create an account for use on SPIDR. Click on the "Register >>>" button to continue.


This is the Registration page, the birthplace of new SPIDR accounts.


At the registration page, the new user is required to input the following information:

  1. - Name
  2. - E-mail address
  3. - Country of origin
  4. - A User login name
  5. - Preferred password (twice)

Filling in the following information is optional:

  1. - Telephone number
  2. - URL
  3. - Organization (e.g. - school, company, government office, etc.)

After this is done, click on the "Register" button.


This is the User Information Page, where account data is displayed and updated by the user. (img)

For the purposes of this tutorial, most of the options available onscreen can be easily ignored. However,

  1. - Clicking on "Update Account Data" allows the user to add or remove personal information.
  2. - To continue with the tutorial, click on the "Guided by Guru >>>" button to begin using SPIDR.


Registration help


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