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SPIDR Datasets
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Recent News

SPIDR Released2012-03-13T21:06:20
Maintenance Release. Corrects some inconsistencies in the cataloging web service(s) relative to stations/datasets that have varying names across cadences. For example, geom data uses 'AAA' for minute and hourly data, and 'AAA1' for yearly data. All cadences support the true station name now.
SPIDR Released2012-01-26T20:12:22
Maintenance Release: Includes some bug fixes for the RESTful API catalog service. A small fraction of data sets were being omitted from the catalog service's XML output.
SPIDR 5.5.4 Released2011-10-05T22:12:26
Feature Release: Includes new DMSP dataset and interface for data from the McMurdo ground station.
SPIDR 5.5.3 Released2011-09-01T03:12:46
Feature Release: includes a new catalog service that provides information for all of the time series data sets available from the REST web service.
SPIDR 5.5.2 Released2011-04-27T06:07:58
Feature Release: Includes service additions to provide a direct conduit to CDAWeb and the ACE science data center