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    The "Detailed Data Set Request" page is used to select the date interval and time step for the SPIDR data set queries.

    Usage basics

    Contents of the data request form are specific for each SPIDR data set. If the data set has stations or satellites, they will be listed in the selection box, possibly together with the interactive station map. The data request form usually has groups of checkboxes and selection list either for groups or for individual parameters in the data set.

    After the data request form is filled in, the system workflow will continue with one of the following actions:
      -    visualization of the selected data;
      -    download the selected data to the user local workstation;
      -    display inventory for the available data;
      -    add the selected data to the user data basket.

    Selecting parameters and stations

    If the data query is based on the selected stations or satellites, then the stations or satellites should be chosen from corresponding multiple selection list. If the data query form has map of stations, the stations can be selected either from the map or from the selection list. In each case the user selection will be reflected both at the map and in the selection list.

    If the date interval and time step are set by user before visiting the data request form, then the list and map of available stations will be filtered according to the station data availability for the given time interval. However, the time settings will not affect parameter selection controls on the data request form.

    The required parameters can be chosen by corresponding check boxes or multiple selection list:

    The user can read data description using the button "info" in front of the parameter name.

    Next action

    After the data request form is filled in, the user can check the data inventory, visualize, download the selected data, or store the selection in the user data basket by selecting the appropriate action from the "Next action" list at the bottom of the page with confirmation by the button "GO". The user selections for the given data set are stored in session until the user will change the current data set and visit another data request form. To preserve the selections or to visualize and export the select data together with another SPIDR datasets, the user has to save his choices in the data basket.

    To plot and download data, the user has to set the date interval and time step in advance. However, the station and parameters selection may be stored in user data basket even for "Undefined" time interval and sampling.